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“I switched management companies three years ago.  Clear Choice has saved us thousands of dollars.”

– Doug & Ellie Cunningham, Paso Robles, CA

“We have top of the line rentals in Paso Robles and Clear Choice keeps them that way!”

– Jerry Stout & Sarah Elder, San Mateo, CA

“I was so worried about renting my families home out.  Clear Choice made the process comfortable, easy, and profitable.”

– Sheri Law, Cambria, CA

“The only management in town where you can read and actually make sense of the monthly statements.”

– Ron Woodworth, Ballpark, Missouri

“I, unfortunately, picked a bad management company before Clear Choice.  It was very, very, painful on the pocket book.”

– David Jewell, Parkfield, CA

“It’s great when you find great businesses that you can refer your friends and family to.  Clear Choice is one of those bussinesses.”

– Katie & Stan Cooley, Santa Margarita, CA

“Everyone in our family uses Clear Choice Property Management.”

– Alice and Jim Wilshusen, Paso Robles, CA

“Finally, I have a tenant that pays on time and takes care of the property.  Thank you, Clear Choice!”

– Randy Kwiatkowski, San Miguel, CA

“I am proud to do business and be represented by Clear Choice.”

–  Ray Sancho, Thousand Oaks, CA

“They found and sold a home to us and rented it right out.  The return on the investment is incredible.”

– Fave Kiech, Paso Robles, CA

“Clear Choice handles several rentals for me.  Finally, freedom to do the things I want.”

– Sue Takacs, Paso Robles, CA

“Now that Clear Choice manages my condo, I finally receive my rent on time!”

–  Pat Kimball, Morro Bay, CA

“Clear Choice says what they do and do what they say.”

– Richard & Tiffini Hald, Nevada City, CA

“They always take the time to look at and go over all of the numbers so we can make the right choice for us.”

– Daryl and Cindy Souza, Santa Maria, CA

“If it weren’t for the rent checks, I would almost forget that I had a rental in Paso Robles.”

– Ken & Marlene Abel, Los Angeles, CA

“Low vacancy rate!  Got our price and had a highly qualified tenant fast!”

– Teri Rodriquez, Valencia, CA

“They rented my property quickly, at a fair rent and at a fair leasing fee!”

– Bill Stoll, Paso Robles, CA

“Clear Choice has provided excellent property management for our San Miguel property.  After years of self management (and all of the headaches), Kevin chose good tenants and takes care of everything.  We highly recommend their service!”

– Joe & Leah Pauly, Paso Robles, CA

“Clear Choice has always done very well with my property management!”

–  Sam Bender, Paso Robles, CA